Hey there! I'm Isabella – Catholic writer, speaker, and blogger extraordinaire!


You already knew that, didn't you?

Of course you did! That's why you're here on my About page, right? To find out more about who I am, not just what I do!

So paradoxes are kind of my thing  I am at once a hopeful dreamer and a grounded realist. I'm both a seasoned word-wrangler and a naïve newbie. I love to be feminine, but I also speak fluent bro, and boy do I love to surprise people.
I believe that impromptu dance parties and badly sung car karaoke are two key ingredients to any truly fulfilling life. I believe that neither mean a thing without a few friends to share in the silliness. And I believe that life is an adventure, and one that is meant to be enjoyed.
I feel strongly, love fiercely, and talk quickly. And I absolutely love getting to know people because of how unique and unrepeatable we all are. Everyone's got a story to share, and these stories have power  to alter perspectives, to bring others together, perhaps even to change the world!
Above all, I am a Christian, and a joyful one at that. I love God, and I try to love Him a little bit more perfectly each day through the Church, through prayer, and of course, through the people around me.
So that's me in a nutshell. Equal parts free-spirited, stubborn, and silly. Just as intent on having fun as I am on loving the Lord. And always on the lookout for my next adventure.
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