These Pyjamas Have Purpose

Updated: Sep 3

When Jennifer and George first got married, they quickly settled into a typical evening routine.

“We’d go to work, come back home, eat supper, and then just flop on the couch and watch TV until it was time to go to bed,” says George. “And then when our son Nazareth came along, not much changed. After putting him to bed we’d be so exhausted, we’d binge watch Netflix shows the entire evening!”

But, over time, the way that the couple was choosing to use their free time began to bother Jen. One evening, after putting Nazareth to sleep, she confided to George, “I’m starting to feel really guilty about the amount of TV we’re watching.”

George wholeheartedly agreed, cancelling their Netflix subscription right then and there. Reflecting on that moment, he shares,

“It’s the strangest thing – when she said that, I found myself on my phone immediately cancelling our Netflix subscription! There was no reason for us to feel so convicted and so aligned except that the Spirit was calling us.”

For the next few weeks,

“We’d put Naz to sleep, go make our tea, sit on the couch, and just talk for the entire evening – up to 4 or 5 hours a night!”

This new routine, “Lasted for weeks and really got us back in touch with each other.”

In the course of these conversations, Jen and George discussed the possibility of realizing a lifelong dream of opening a business together.

“We just felt like we needed to do something for the kingdom,” George relays. “Having wasted so much time up to that point, we wanted to dedicate our time somehow to God.”

But the couple was at a loss as to what exactly they should do, until one fateful night when Nazareth innocently asked,

“Wouldn’t it be cool if I had David and Goliath on my pjs?”

“We knew right away that Biblical pjs was it – it was for the kingdom, and it sounded like it would be a ton of fun,” claims Jen.

George nods. “It just made perfect sense. It was as if God stilled us, prepared us, so that when He called us, we heard His voice clearly.”

After tucking Nazareth into bed, “We walked right to our little home office and the business was born, then and there.”

Of course, with no prior experience in the textiles industry, Jen confides, “It was literally starting from scratch. There was a lot of learning just to do the most simple of tasks, such as picking the right fabric, or even just calling someone to ask them to send us fabric samples! The industry is so technical and complicated, but the Lord gave us confidence and excitement every step of the way.”

The couple also wondered what the reaction to Bible-inspired pyjamas would be like. “When you’re working on a brand new product idea, with nothing like it in the market, there’s no historical data to base your projections off of,” says Jen.

“Being parents ourselves, we obviously thought it was a great idea, but we didn’t know how the market would react.”

It wasn’t until they launched Holy Pals, a mere four months ago, that the two began to feel as though they were really on to something.

“There was so such excitement from people on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and the comments we’re getting have been so encouraging,” Jen smiles. “We certainly have felt a sense of acceptance from the Christian parenting community, and from God saying yes, this is what you’re supposed to be doing right now.”

“It’s been such a huge blessing,” George agrees. “So many people are messaging us from all over the world!”

“Our messages start as absolute strangers,” Jen adds. “And then this common love for Jesus brings you together, and by the end of the conversation, we’re family.”

“We’re feeling so blessed by this Christian parenting community,” George marvels. “I really feel God working – teaching us and developing us spiritually in ways we’ve never experienced before!”

With their business growing, and quickly at that, George reveals that,

“Right now, we’re trying to design as many Bible story pjs as possible, to get conversations started between children and their parents about His Word.”

Their objective stems from Deuteronomy 6:6-7: “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

This objective is also inspired by George’s own upbringing. As new immigrants, his parents worked multiple jobs at a time to provide for their children and forge a new life, but money was scarce and times were tough.

“That challenge really made my parents cling to Christ. They really depended on Him. It wasn’t just some theoretical need for Him – no, they needed Him to put food on the table, and to keep a roof over our heads. They relied entirely on His provision and mercy.”

Though such a life was difficult, George is quick to refer to himself as fortunate.

“Growing up, my parents taught me and my siblings how to pray and engage with God. They taught us to ask for the intercession of the saints and angels in all we did.”

“I want our son to inherit that tremendous wealth that was given to me; to be raised the way that we were raised, starting with being familiar with Jesus and the Bible.”

When George and Jen first brought home those David and Goliath pyjamas for Nazareth, Jen reveals, “He was very shy because you can tell that he knew it was his idea! And his face lit up. And he is always asking us to design different stories he’s learning about during our family readings.”

“When he puts them on,” George chimes in, “He doesn’t want to take them off! They’re incredibly cozy, made of such soft premium cotton. He says it feels like he’s ‘wearing a hug.’”

George and Jen are also very intentional about using their business to give back to those in need – to extend that hug worldwide, so to speak. To do this, they’ve partnered with The Littlest Lamb Orphanage, located in their native Egypt, where adoption doesn’t exist and children who lose their parents through death, imprisonment or abandonment are often left to take care of themselves.

The Littlest Lamb provides not just a home, but a family to these beautiful children,” George explains. “The caregivers and staff are superheroes. They are truly angels. They’ve taken these kids in with so much joy, and they give them a shot at living a life full of love, hope and community.”

Because giving back is so important for George and Jen, they donate 10% of each sale to The Littlest Lamb Orphanage in way of sending the children a constant supply of fresh and cozy pyjamas. They also offer customers the opportunity to buy pyjamas directly for the children at a reduced cost on their website.

“We have this vision that as we grow, our network of orphanages grows,” Jen reveals.

“Yeah,” George agrees. “We’re hoping to extend our support to as many establishments as we can who really need help. One of the main pillars of Holy Pals is finding a means to support children-focused charities and ventures that need it the most.”

A goal that they are slowly but surely achieving, both at home and abroad.

“The people we’ve met online have been the most shocking part of the journey so far,” George beams. “One second we’re chatting with a customer on our website chat box about a product, and the next second they’re praying over us and blessing our business and our family.”

“We’re building such deep bonds with complete strangers, and that’s just it – we’re not strangers, we’re siblings, we’re all His children!”

When asked about where they see Holy Pals going in the future, George candidly replies that, while they’re open to new opportunities and possible products, “We’d like to be led by the Spirit. We have so many exciting ideas, but we await His direction. We take His lead.”

And as George and Jen continue to yield to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in this new endeavour, there may be no telling what He has in store for this couple, but one thing is absolutely certain: it will be beautiful.

Visit George, Jen, and Nazareth on the Holy Pals website, Facebook, or Instagram