Magnificat Veils

Updated: Sep 3

Rediscovering Reverence

Marsha wasn’t sure of how to respond when she felt a sudden impulse to cover her head at church. But in time, it became clear that God had been preparing her to embrace the practice of veiling.

“I had never seen anyone veiling at that time,” Marsha relates. “A friend explained the whole theology to me. I was persuaded, but I didn’t take it up until a couple of years later.”

It wasn’t until another friend invited her to a Traditional Latin Mass that the pieces began to fall into place. The sight of a church full of veiled women reminded Marsha of an old picture she had once seen, depicting her grandmother and mother veiling at a Mass.

“I saw all the women veiling and realized that women used to veil.”

The veil worn by Marsha's grandmother

It was then that Marsha decided to take up the practice herself. For a time, Marsha was the only woman in her parish who wore a veil to Mass, but she wasn’t deterred.

“It feels different when you veil inside a church,” she observes. “The more I veiled, the more I realized I had missed something in the past.”

One day, a friend called and told Marsha that customers were visiting her bookstore and asking about veils.

“Why don’t you make veils?” her friend suggested. “That’s probably what God wants you to do.”

Marsha’s first project turned out to be a clear confirmation of that fact.

Marsha made two veils, one for a customer, and another for the woman’s daughter. The girl had fallen away from the Faith, and her mother gave the veil to her as a gift. Little did she know that the present would be instrumental in her daughter’s reversion.

“Her daughter wanted to go back because she felt special, like she’s a bride of Christ,” Marsha recounts.

“I was moved. This is a very powerful testimony – not only does it help women get closer to God, but it’s also a tool for conversion.”

And just like that, Magnificat Veils was born. Marsha sourced fabrics from the USA and Europe, and began designing veils with her customers in mind, taking into account their wants and needs.

“[Our customers] give us inspiration, and because of this attitude of listening, we align our mission with theirs, and that’s the beautiful thing.”

Marsha’s goal for the ministry is threefold: First, to remind women that they are valuable, second, to encourage veiling as a sign of respect for the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and third, to acknowledge the unique connection between God and women.

Veiling is, in Marsha’s words, “A way of acknowledging that women have a sacred calling.”

She then quotes Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, who writes about the connection between God and mothers. “She is unbelievably blessed by having been ‘touched’ by God Himself…This being ‘blessed’ by God gives the female body a note of sacredness symbolized by the veil.”

This sentiment beautifully sums up the mission of Magnificat Veils – to invite women to a deeper experience of Christ’s love, and also to recognize their own dignity.

“We have a very important mission as women,” Marsha insists. “We are very important in God’s eyes, and by veiling, we encourage women to value themselves more.”

Marsha is pleased to note that, as time goes on, more women are taking up the invitation to veil.

“The veil helps me become closer to Jesus,” she says.

And that, at the end of the day, is exactly what she wants for her customers.

Connect with Marsha on her website, Facebook page, or in person at the 2020 Dynamic Women of Faith Conference