From Protestant Minister to Catholic Apologist

Updated: Sep 3

“Hi everyone, I’m Cale Clarke. Yes, Cale. Like the vegetable, but with a C.”

After that rather quirky introduction, I consider my attention officially grabbed. As the talk continues, I find myself simultaneously amused by the affable host of The Faith Explained Conference and impressed by his knowledge of the Faith – not to mention the ease with which he communicates it.

“I’m a revert to the Catholic faith,” Cale tells me after the conference. “Prior to that, I was involved in Protestant ministry for many years, and preaching was a crucial part of that.”

When he returned to Catholicism in 2004, it became clear to Cale that many Catholics simply did not understand the tenants of the faith. In response, he founded The Faith Explained Institute, a non-profit Catholic educational charity.

“I saw there was a huge need for Catholics to understand their faith better – so they can believe in it confidently, live it effectively, and share it with others enthusiastically.”

Though his ministry began in 2004, Cale’s public speaking career had been years in the making. During his years as an Evangelical Christian, his pastor encouraged him to preach at his church. Though Cale was hesitant, never having considered ministry before then, he obliged and gave it a shot.

“He saw something within me, and he acted on his intuition,” Cale relates. “Looking back, it was a risk for him to lend his pulpit to a young, unseasoned guy like me.”

But his pastor knew then what Cale tells me now:

“God has given all believers spiritual gifts. And the believing community can help confirm or deny that one has been given a particular gift. One is not alone in figuring these things out.”

Lo and behold, Cale’s public speaking debut was a success, and the church community responded positively.

“I received a lot of encouragement from the community to keep going,” Cale shares. “Which eventually led me to attend seminary, and which put me on the path I’m on now.”

That path, while rewarding, has not been an easy one. But Cale finds the inspiration he needs from the people he meets through his ministry.

“What keeps me going are the moments when someone tells me that I’ve helped them grow in their faith, understand it better, or give them the confidence to share it with someone else,” he reveals. “It’s incredibly humbling.”

Then, he adds, “Any time someone writes me a card or a note of encouragement, I always keep it. When I’m tempted to give up, I go back and re-read them, and they inspire me to press on.”

So what exactly does Cale have in store for The Faith Explained Institute?

“All of that is in God’s hands,” he answers calmly. “The Bible tells us, ‘Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s will that prevails.’ So, yes, we plan, we make decisions, but always with the prayer, ‘Thy will be done’ on our lips.”

Cale’s closing remark sums it up perfectly:

“The Lord’s plans are always the best.”

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